About Instilled Studies

Instill: (verb) to infuse slowly or gradually into the mind or feelings; to put in drop by drop.

Hi, I'm Melissa and I'm the creator of Instilled Studies.​

I am a homeschooling mother of four and I also work as the Director of Community Education at my local pregnancy resource center. At work, I facilitate conservative and legally compliant sex education to over 6,000 California students per year in addition to offering so many other community resources about parenting, public health and safety, and more.

At home, I focus on keeping my family running smoothly while staying on top of our schoolwork, grocery shopping, and occasionally even the laundry. My husband and I enjoy gardening, road trips, nature, and watching survival shows.

Over the course of my career in health education, I have had countless conversations with parents who are concerned about the direction that sexuality in culture and public sex education is heading in the United States. They want to talk about topics like sex and dating with their teens, but they feel unqualified, anxious, and uncomfortable! There are numerous books and videos out there that focus on convincing parents to have “The Talk” but an overall lack of resources that help parents and teens enjoy ongoing conversations about these topics.

My experience has convinced me that parents of preteens and teens are looking for resources that can help them have meaningful discussions about topics like relationships, dating, gender, sex, and pornography. Not only that, they’re looking for resources that align with their personal values.

I felt inspired to create parent/teen journaling studies that fill the needs I was seeing in today’s families, and I am very excited to begin sharing them with the world.  

The journaling method is a way for parents to help teens engage their prefrontal cortex for healthy decision making and long term thinking. Writing acts as a powerful tool for self-reflection and communication. As parents and teens work through the studies together, My hope is that they will be able to have meaningful conversations without the awkwardness and hesitation that everyone wants to avoid.

I have tons of ideas for more studies for today’s parents, preteens, and teens! It’s my dream to see thousands of families using my resources to instill lifelong wisdom into their children. In an age where truth is optional and identity can be anything, we need to be the generation of parents who empower our teens to make healthy decisions and to feel confident in who they are.
We can do it!

Are you interested in being part of my Review Squad to help test out my future studies?

Send me a message with which topics you’d be interested in, how many pre-teens and teenagers you have, and anything else you think I should know.

With my love and encouragement,

Melissa Hopper

Instilled Studies Core Beliefs

  1. Parents are the ultimate authority to educate and prepare their children to lead healthy and productive lives.
  2. Preteens and teens need positive adult influences to develop healthy worldviews, self-views, and decision-making skills.
  3. Today’s youth are desperately seeking guidance and direction to navigate a changing, fluid, and often volatile world.
  4. All adolescents deserve to learn the fundamentals of how life works best from trustworthy sources.