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Building better teen/parent dialogue

It's Time to Rethink"The Talk"

Discovering the truth about sex, love, and relationships
from the Creator of love

The Search and The Source highlights God-honoring principles of love and relationships in the context of teen dating and decision-making. This journaling study can be used by families with parents and teens together using workbooks and a shared journal, or in small group settings using workbooks and the alternate small group guide. Each lesson examines God’s plans and feelings about love, healthy relationships, boundaries, standards, pornography, and more.

The Search and the Source parent teen journal study books by Melissa Hopper

Can We (Not) Talk?

A totally not-awkward journaling study for parents and teens about love, dating, relationships, and more.

Can We (Not) Talk? is a secular condensed version of the Bible-based study, The Search and The Source.

This journaling study from Instilled Studies is designed to help parents and teens have important discussions about sex, dating, relationships, love, pornography, and more. With separate workbooks written with parents and teens in mind and a shared journal to bring it all together, this study will instill healthy decision-making skills in teens and equip parents to provide the right guidance along the way.

Can We (Not) Talk? Teen Journaling workbook Study Bundle

In Development
from Instilled Studies

Digital & Social Media Safety
Packed with current information about the social media apps and trends that today's teenagers are facing, this study will help parents and teens set healthy expectations and boundaries for digital and social media.
Coming Soon
Preparing to be a Teen
Today's preteens have more questions about puberty than ever before. This study will guide parents and preteens through discussions about body changes, healthy habits, healthy friendships and relationships, and what to expect when everything is changing.
Coming Soon
Critical Thinking Skills
As digital influences grow louder, many people are losing their ability to discern fact from fiction. This study addresses the common argument fallacies used in fake news and helps build the critical thinking skills needed to make informed decisions.
Coming Soon
Life Skills for Teens
In this study, parents and teens will discuss important life skills topics such as money management, budgeting, building a resume, setting goals, and other skills that will be necessary for adult life.
Coming Soon